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Posted on August 16 2013 by dear santa


Fig. 3. — This shows a wonderful corona and flash-over on a 37-inch porcelain pedestal insulator. This corona is occurring at a potential of 234,000 volts and 51,000 cycles per second.

TESLA TECH (cont.)


"In a 1932 New York Times article, Tesla describes in some detail the effects of Cold Fire: "There is one effect of high-frequency current which may eventually prove of great importance in hygiene and the application of which I have advocated for years, and that is cleaning the body by high-potential and high-frequency current. It is sufficient to charge the body to a pressure of 1,000,000 volts, which could be borne without discomfort, and all the particles of dust and foreign matter adhering to the body are instantly thrown off and the body cleaned without any danger to the patient. I have performed these experiments very often and always felt a highly beneficial reaction.

In a 1934 article Tesla described his electric bath as "fun". The required equipment as not taking up very much space. It has a platform where the person stands and when the switch is turned on: "Instantly all foreign material such as dust, dandruff, scales on the skin and microbes is thrown off from the body. The nerves, too, are exhilarated and strengthened. The “bath” is excellent for medical as well as for cleaning purposes...." We do know that coronal discharge does seem to enhance circulation and muscle action. This process also produces a small amount of ozone. Breathing small amounts or concentrations of ozone can be quite stimulating."

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