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"According to American Indian Movement legal...

Posted on January 21 2013 by Spectrevision Event-Horizon

"According to American Indian Movement legal...

"According to American Indian Movement legal advisors and members, the Skull and Bones masons have violated laws preventing the desecration of graves and should be held responsible as felons. Apache tribal leader Ned Anderson was informed of the alleged theft in 1986 and is an ancestor of Geronimo, Anderson petitioned the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigations to force the return of the skull - he said “If it is true that Skull and Bones and its corporate parent RTA Inc., continue to hold these skulls, my belief would be that they are participating in a continuing conspiracy to be in possession of stolen property”.

The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act could easily be used to have a public/FBI search of the premises of the cult. This law provides legal grounds for prosecuting the Skull and Bones cult. Ironically, it was George H. W. Bush, DC ’48, a member of Skull and Bones, who signed this bill into law in 1990."

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